Temporary/Emergency accomodation

Short term relief for 6 weeks - 6 months for women in difficulty or crisis.

Short term relief for 6 weeks - 6 months for women in difficulty or crisis. Can include women who have recently immigrated those who are moving out of a mental health service or women who need to change their accommodation/housing circumstances.

“I moved into the House of Kindness at a time when my marriage had broken down and I needed a place for my children and myself to live. When I moved out of our family home, I came away with very little and was very excited to move into the house to find it was fully furnished and had everything that I would need. I enjoyed living there and it felt very homely and my children loved it too. When I was living in the house I was given a family worker to work with me. She was very kind, helpful and supportive. She was able to advise me of my entitlements through WINZ and was also able to offer budgeting advice. Knowing the house was available made my decision easier to make, knowing that when I left my marriage my children and I had a safe place to go. I stayed in the house for two months and felt very sad to leave it. Thank you Project Esther for this opportunity you have given to others. Bless you-Thank you!” “Thanks to my probation officer putting me in touch with the amazing people at Project Esther, I had the support in all forms from the beginning to start living a healthy safe life, for the first time in quite a while! Firstly they provided me with accommodation, a gorgeous warm little flat that really did feel like my own home, which I could completely relax in. Even more than that though, they supported me emotionally and helped me to start thinking clearly again."

Other options for support